Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is a New Zealand based Animal Communicator who will help you to reach a deeper level of understanding with your beloved animal or pet.

Contact Kelley-Anne Rasmussen

Feel free to contact Kelley-Anne with questions regarding her special gift which allows her to communicate and "talk" with animals. Kelley-Anne is also happy to respond to email from any of her clients.

Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is delighted to be able to share her special gift with others and is available for consultation at a very reasonable rate. She looks forward to working with you to better understand your animals special needs.

Gift vouchers are available. An ideal present for the hard to buy for animal lover.

Consultation Prices

To allow for maximum flexibility, consultations are available in the following steps, or tiers:

Initial Consultation

The following prices are for each consultation for each of up to two animals. Special discounts for consultations with even more animals are detailed below.

  1. $60 for 3 questions  (also includes one follow-up, "clarification" email)
  2. $110 for 6 questions  (also includes one follow-up, "clarification" email)
  3. $120 for 6 questions with a "clarification" 15 minute phone call with Kelley-Anne
  4. PayPal is also offered as a payment option for the $110 - 6 question consultation, ideal for anyone outside of New Zealand. Just click on the button below for a PayPal invoice.


Discounts for Additional Animals

Kelley-Anne is pleased to be able to offer a special discounted rate for a consultation involving three or more animals.
Prices for the first two animals are detailed above, while subsequent animals are $55, $105 and $115 in the same flexible steps, as detailed above.

Follow-On Consultation

Kelley-Anne is also pleased to be able to provide a specially discounted, follow-on consultation that may be taken advantage of within 3 months of the initial consultation.
Prices for follow-on consultation is tied to the initial consultation in the following steps:

    1. $50 for 3 questions
    2. $100 for 6 questions
    3. $110 for 6 questions with a "clarification" 15 minute phone call


    Payment Options

    Payment may be made by internet banking, bank deposit or cheque. Paypal is also available for the $110 consultation.

    Required Information

    The following information is required for a reading:

    The animal's name and a photo (approximate size 500x500 pixels)

    A numbered list of questions and any behavioural problems or issues you want Kelley-Anne to address. Please be aware that Kelley-Anne will ask what the behavioural issues are if you do not state this. Much of what we may see as a problem is not seen as such by the animals. Consequently if Kelley-Anne asks "what is the problem with ...." and the animal does not recognise it as a problem she will not receive an answer. Likewise rather than describe an animal as "angry" or "scared" it is preferable to know the behaviour that is being shown as our assumptions on how they feel can be wrong, and again it will result in Kelley-Anne not getting an accurate answer from the animal.