Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is a New Zealand based Animal Communicator who will help you to reach a deeper level of understanding with your beloved animal or pet.


Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is a gifted animal communicator who developed a deep and abiding love of horses and all animals in her homeland of New Zealand.

More than 10 years ago, Kelley-Anne moved to the country to live on the land with her collection of 6 dogs, goats, sheep, and of course her beloved horses.

It was during this time that Kelley-Anne grew aware of her gift of understanding and communication with her animals.

This special gift coupled with more than 25 years of experience with horses, dogs and other animals had enabled a deeper understanding of her special friends.

Kelley-Anne grew up in Auckland and after working as a mechanic after finishing school, she joined the Police in her 20s. She worked in Auckland, Golden Bay and Blenheim before resigning to raise her son with her husband. It was after the birth of her son that Kelley-Anne had the time to put into expanding her communication skills with animals. Internet forums provided an ideal place to play with new species of animals, including fish and chickens, deepen her experiences and obtain feedback, while educating people that their "dumb animal" was in fact a "MUTE friend."

Kelley-Anne has long been interested in not only energy work and meta physics but nutrition too. She is always looking for new and proven methods of healing both physically and through nutrition. She is very happy to subsequently recommend Bioptron Light Therapy and also Himalayan Crystal Salt to compliment existing therapies.

Kelley-Anne can be contacted for any further information required about Bioptron Light Therapy and the Himalayan Crystal Salt.


Kelley-Anne Rasmussen is delighted to be able to share her special gift with others and is available for consultation.